If you are interested in selling whisky through the New Zealand Whisky Auctioneer, please get in touch by email to . We host an auction every second month throughout the year with no seller’s commission, a $3.30 ($3+GST) listing fee and a $5.5 ($5+GST) reserve price fee, if you choose to use one. We are accepting bottle submissions up until the cut-off date (a week before the auction start date) and provide a complimentary bottle collection for sellers located in New Zealand.


To be a seller on the New Zealand Whisky Auctioneer, you must be registered as a buyer. Please head to the signup page here – link.


Please ensure you have read our Terms & Conditions and agree to them


To assist with listing your lots with the most accurate information for prospective buyers, please submit as much detail as accurately as possible to give yourself the best opportunity to get the best price on sale. A listing fee of $3.30 ($3+GST) is charged per item.


A editable submission document can be found here – Link


If you are having your bottles collected with our Melbourne complimentary bottle collection service (minimum 3 bottles), please submit a Manual Submission Form with the bottles.

Japanese whisky for auction
Australian Whisky for auction

You may add a reserve price to any of your lots. By choosing to use a reserve price, this ensures that your bottle does not sell for any less then the nominated reserve price. A reserve price fee is charged at $5.50 ($5+GST) per lot. Reserve prices however are limited to maximum 75% of RRP price if the bottles are still available at retail stores within Australia.


Your lots will be listed in your vendor account in the week leading up to the auction commence day. This will give you a chance to review and request adjustments to the listing if you have further information to add to it.


You can keep track of the current bids for all your auctions within the vendor account.


We aim to make all payments within 21 days of the auction completion date (sooner depending on the buyer’s payments). We reserve the right to deduct all listing, reserve and other fees from the sale balance such as courier fees and import duties.