You can use NZ Whisky Auction to buy or sell bottles of single malt Scotch whisky,
blended whisky, Japanese whisky, Irish whiskey, American whiskey such as bourbon, other
world whisky, Cognac, Armagnac, gin, rum, vodka, tequila, liqueurs, vermouth, fine wine,
vintage Champagne, vintage port. We are here to help so contact us for more advice on
what we accept.

Setting up an account to sell and buy on Whisky.Auction is straightforward. There is a one-off registration fee of $10 for buyers, you can bid on or sell as many items as you like.

If you need help you can contact us and we’ll help guide you through the registration process.

Go to the log In page, enter your email address and password, and then click the LOG IN button.

If you know your password, log in and go to “my account” page then click the edit edit your password button.
If you’ve forgotten your password, go to the log In page, click the lost password? link and enter your email address. A link to allow you to reset your password will be emailed to you.

Please email info@nzwhiskyauction.co.nz

Our offices are in north New Zealand. You can find full details on our Contact Us page.

We run a bimonthly live auction. Each auction runs for ten days.

In each auction we will list items received and accepted 2 weeks before each auction.
Specific auction date along with cut off date will be listed on our main page.

Each auction will finish on 22:00 NZ time on the tenth day of the acution.


Whether you’re just browsing or looking for a specific item, we’ve got the tools to help you.

Our standard search is usually your best starting point if you’re looking for something specific.

You can also sort lots by category, for example single malt whiskies or blends.

You can sort items alphabetically and by price too (which is ideal if you’re looking for a bargain), or you can sort by auction end time.

You can build a personalised watch list of your favourite items by clicking the “Add to watchlist” button on any item you want to follow.

For the duration of a live auction the Auctions in My Account page gives you a quick roundup of the items you are winning and anything you’ve been outbid on.

First make sure that you are logged in, then find a lot that you wish to bid on. When you’ve found something you like the look of, enter your maximum offer and click the Bid button.

The current winning bid in an auction goes up in intervals, based on the value of the previous winning bid:

$1 $100 $10
$100 $500 $20
$500 $1000 $50
$1000 $10000+ $100

You can easily increase or reduce your maximum bid to any value above the current bid by setting a new bid limit.

Bidding on an item at auction is a legal contract so we don’t allow the retraction of bids, outside of what we are legally obliged to. Contact us as soon as possible after making an accidental bid and we will see what we can do to help. Please note that repeated requests for bid retractions will lead to your account at NZ Whisky Auction being closed.

We charge a 10% commission on all sales made through NZ Whisky Auction, so each lot will cost slightly more than the final bid. Your invoice may also include postage if you have asked for your lots to be shipped to you. You can find details of our commission rates on our Buying page, and our shipping rates are calculated upon winning an auction based upon shipping location.

If your items are damaged, you must contact us immediately. It is essential that you provide proof of the damage, we will need to see photos of the damaged items, including a photo of the bottle seal as well as the packaging

We take all possible measures to ensure the quality of liquid in any bottles that are sold through NZ Whisky Auction is of the highest standard. However, this is not something we can guarantee. All spirits, liqueurs, wines, sparkling wines and fortified wines are therefore bought at the buyer’s own risk and we do not take responsibility for corked or faulty bottles.

Shipping cost is calculated upon winning an auction and final price will depend on
location and if insurance is required. Please note import duties and local VAT may apply.

You can select the ‘Collection’ option when you are paying for your purchases at checkout. Please contact us to make an appointment to pick up your purchases within 10 working days of checking out, or we may apply a storage charge of $5 per bottle per day.

Unfortunately due to space restrictions we cannot currently store lots that you have won. All purchases must be paid for within four working days of the auction ending. We will ship them as payment clears or if you chose collection you must collect within 10 working days.


Selling on Nz whisky Auction is easy. Once you have created your seller account (($5 sign up fee) and tell us which bottles you wish to sell, by filling in the bottle submission form and sending it to info@nzwhiskyacution.co.nz. We will then send you a submission confirmation email to confirm your submission. Please make sure to include the submission form with your bottle if you are sending it.

We recommend packaging in plenty of bubble wrap and polystyrene in a sturdy cardboard box and to use your preferred courier.

If you need help with any of this, please contact us.

Bottles must arrive before the cut-off date to be included in an auction. Anything arriving after that date will be automatically listed in the following auction. The cutoff date is 2 weeks before Auction commencement date. For more information please refer to our main page for most up to date Auction date and cut off date.

We fully check, photograph and create a description for each bottle we receive from you and upload it on to the website.
If for any reason you aren’t happy with a description, please let us know before the auction starts and we will try to amend it. We will not take responsibility for errors if not notified in time.

You can track the progress of your items by adding them to your watchlist.

If a lot doesn’t sell then you have the option of relisting it in the next auction, or having it sent back to you. If you have it sent back to you, then you will be responsible for paying for shipping. Shipping fee will be calculated
If a lot doesn’t have a reserve and doesn’t sell, you will be given the chance to relist it for free, however if it doesn’t sell for a second time then you will need to pay to have it relisted.

We charge 0% commission on all sales made through NZ Whisky Auction but a $3 plus GST listing fee or a $5 Reserve Fee, so your invoice total will be the sum of the winning bids, less the total fees applicable.

You can find a summary of payments for your sold items with details of any charges.


Money will be paid into your bank account as soon as we receive the payment from the buyer. Please allow up to 28 days for payment.

If your query wasn’t answered here contact us, we’re always happy to help.